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Why Do Mice Like My Home?

If you’ve noticed mice in your house, you might be wondering what brought them inside in the first place. To be honest, they like your home for many of the same reasons that you like it. Mice require shelter, food, and comfort the same as you. When they find those necessities in a home like yours, they become your unwanted, scurrying little roommates.

Your Home Is Inviting for Countless Reasons

Consider the difference between living outside and in your house. Inside, it’s nice and warm, especially when the temperatures start to drop and the snow falls. They know that your building is warm and they find ways to get inside. Mice squeeze their way into tiny openings if you haven’t done a good enough job of protecting your home.

Another reason to travel inside is the lack of predators in your home. If you have cats, it might be something of a deterrent, but it still may not keep them away if they are desperate.

Mice like to eat, and your home is filled with food. They eat leftover scraps and crumbs and will even chew through boxes to get at your packaged food. While they prefer seeds, grains, and fruit, they aren’t too picky. They will devour meat, pet food, and just about anything else that is not put away and properly secured.

You generally won’t see them when they come out to grab a snack, of course. They wait until no one’s around, usually in the dead of night, to come out to your countertops, tables, and pantry.

Mice build nests and clutter. Even though you may not have a lot of clutter in the main areas of your home, think about the garage and attic. They may even be in the walls where they will chew through insulation and nest.

Mice Are Dangerous

Even though you and mice may enjoy your home for some of the same reasons, you don’t want to share with them. Mice cause a host of issues. They need to chew, which means they could be gnawing through cables and wires, boxes, clothing, wood, and more. They cause serious damage. Additionally, mice are often diseased and carry bacteria with them that could make you and your loved ones ill.

Dealing with an infestation on your own simply isn’t possible. You might get a few of them, but you need help from Mice Mob Exterminators to squash the infestation. Contact them today to handle the mouse problem.

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