Why You Need Disinfection After Mice Removal

After you’ve worked with an extermination company to remove your mouse and rat problem, there’s still work to do before your home can be considered safe. You need to be sure the home has undergone proper disinfection. Rodent infestation causes a substantial amount of damage that goes beyond just chewing on walls, wires, and boxes of food.

Rodents carry diseases, bacteria, and viruses in their saliva, feces, and urine. They leave traces of these excretions wherever they go in your house. Mice that have wandered around your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and other areas of the home may have contaminated those spaces. Even after the mice are gone, the danger remains until it has been disinfected. It’s only after the infestation has been handled that cleanup can begin.

Allow the Professionals to Clean Up After Mice Removal

While you might be tempted to handle the disinfection on your own, that tends to be a bad idea. There’s too big of a risk that you may miss spots or that you don’t do a good enough job of cleaning. The pros who took care of your mouse removal can disinfect the home.

Mice Mob, for example, uses a chemical called sporicidal for disinfection. It helps to remove odor, as well as scent trails that could attract more pests. Sporicidin is the go-to chemical for cleanup, thanks to the benefits it provides.

Not only does it clean up the space, but it thoroughly disinfects and deodorizes the space in just one step. This helps to speed up the process of cleaning the home. The solution is ready to use and doesn’t need to be diluted, which means there’s no guesswork in getting it right.

It kills all of the organisms that could cause odor and disease and will keep fighting bacteria for up to six months. It also kills fungus, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and tuberculosis. It’s safe to use on many surfaces including plastic, treated wood, glass, latex, vinyl, metal, and glazed porcelain. Sporicidin also has low toxicity, so it’s safe to use in the home.

Disinfection Provides Peace of Mind

Infestations can bring all manner of nastiness into your home that could keep causing harm even after the rodents have been dealt with. You want to get rid of those odors and keep yourself and your family safe from disease. Mice Mob Exterminators can handle everything from removal to disinfection and give you tips on preventative measures you can use in the future.

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