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What’s That Scratching in the Attic?

As you drift off to sleep at night, hearing the sound of scratching in the attic is enough to set your nerves on edge. Something is up there and you know it’s nothing good. However, it’s not ghosts or goblins causing those sounds. Instead, it’s likely to be something a lot worse. It’s likely rodents or other pests.

Animals make a lot of sounds moving around the attic or the walls, but we don’t often hear them during the day. In some cases, there’s too much other ambient noise that they can’t be heard. Often, though, it’s because they are resting during the day and are only active after you and your family have gone to bed.

What Could Be in the Attic?

Why do so many animals like to get into the attic? They come into the attic because it is a safe and warm place to hide and nest. Some animals, such as rats and mice, use it as a starting point to get into other areas of your home. Once they have established themselves, it can be difficult to remove them without help from an expert.

Lots of different types of creatures might make their home in your attic. Some of the common problems include squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, birds, and bats. The biggest offenders tend to be mice and rats. If you mostly hear soft scratching rather than loud thumping sounds, it means smaller animals like mice and rats. If there are louder sounds, it might be a raccoon.

What Do You Do Now?

Whether you have determined the culprit or not, you need to get those unwanted houseguests out as soon as possible. Trying to deal with rodents and other pests on your own isn’t usually feasible. It could even be dangerous. The best thing to do is contact a professional extermination company that can come out to your home and performs an inspection.

The experts can check out the attic and other parts of the house to determine the problem. Exterminators will look for signs of the animal including nests, food sources, droppings, etc., which will give them an idea of the type of animals in the attic.

They will also take care of removing or exterminating the animals and cleaning and disinfecting the home. Additionally, they can help homeowners to keep their property safe from further invasions in the future. Contact Mice Mob Exterminators to learn more.

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