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How to Avoid Winter Mice Invasions

Just as humans turn to warm fireplaces in the wintertime, so do mice. Mice get cold out in the wild and may look for warm homes, with vulnerable access points, to make a new den in the colder months.

You don’t want mice in your home. They can cause significant damage with their sharp teeth, carry diseases through their saliva and feces, and are unwelcome guests. Before the cold weather comes, it’s wise to “mouse-proof” your home.

Keep reading for tips to ensure no unwanted guests come to stay in your house this winter!

1.    Perform an Exterior Inspection

Since mice come from outside, being sure the exterior of your home is mice-proof is the most important step. Look for openings, cracks, or gaps. This can be near your foundation, windows, bulkheads, doors, and more. Remember, mice are small, so even if it’s a small gap or hole, address it. Holes can enlarge over time, and mice can squeeze their bodies into surprisingly small spaces.

2.    Clean Up Edible Items and Trash

Mice have a great sense of smell. They will be attracted to anything in your yard that smells strong. This includes bird seed, pet food, outdoor trash bags, and anything else which may give off the smell of food.

3.    Get a Feline Friend

“Cat and mouse” isn’t just a colloquially used phrase – it’s a real relationship between predator and prey. Even the most domesticated house cats will gladly play exterminator on an unwelcome mouse. Cats are a great addition to any home and provide excellent companionship. Also, cats are natural-born hunters who will gladly address rodents.

4.    Schedule Regular Preventative Pest Inspections

Scheduling a regular pest inspection is smart for any homeowner. Mice are not the only pests that can affect your home, and professional pest exterminators know where to look to find potential pest issues in your home. If you live in a place where seasons change regularly, you may want to have an inspection done every time the seasons change. If your climate is mostly static, you may only need an annual check.

Final Thoughts

Each winter, mice will look for a warm spot to live. Don’t let that spot be your home! By taking preventative measures, and being alert for signs of an infestation, you can avoid a winter mice invasion. Make sure to contact Mice Mob Exterminators for any further help.

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