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Are You Dealing with Mice or Rats?

Any kind of rodent can be a nuisance, and downright terrifying to some. But how do you know exactly what type of creature you’re dealing with? Some people might say, well, mice are small and rats are bigger. That may not always be the case. And even when it is, what if you’re not seeing the creatures at all? You can’t tell what size they are if you never see them skittering about.

So, how can you tell?

Well, there are a few different options to help you determine whether you have a problem with mice or rats. For starters, avoid the common pitfall of diagnosing the problem of mice when you see juvenile rats. A young rat will have a much larger head compared to their bodies, while mice are more proportionate but smaller in size.

Rats typically leave no trace. Mice like to get into foods ad containers and make a bigger mess, but rats are usually smarter and will try to remain hidden as long as possible. Physically:

Adult mice are around 7-8 inches in length, including their tail. The exception is dwarf and field mice, which can often be smaller. Rats, on the other hand, can grow up to 18 inches or more, including their tail. And speaking of tails, mice have thin tails while rats have hairless, thicker tails. Mouse noses are more triangular while a rat has a more rounded nose.

And finally, perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you will see in the home is that mice droppings are small, around ¼ of an inch, while rat droppings can be almost an inch large and are more rounded at the ends.

Rats will move food while mice will eat food in its place. Therefore, mice often leave droppings where they are eating or along their trail of travel. You may also find urine spots that mice use to attract or deter other mice.

Ultimately, whether you have mice or rats, you’re probably going to need to call Mice Mob Exterminators to get rid of the problem for good. They will be able to come out and inspect the home and determine what you are dealing with so that they can choose the most effective solution. They can also advise you on how to know the difference between mice and rats and what to look for in the future to prevent any ongoing issues.

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