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Do Cats Really Help with Mice Control?

There are several methods people suggest to help with mice control, cats being one of them. But do cats really help control mice in and around the home, or are they just going to loaf around like the dogs and expect you to wait on them hand and foot? Well, the short answer is that it depends on the cat.

Some cats will immediately pick up on their job of mousing and excel at the task. They find it engaging and they like the hunt that ensues. These cats are great for helping with mice control. Then, there are the cats that run from bugs and that prefer to sleep in the sun than to run around and play. The ones who probably couldn’t hunt if their lives depended on it. Those cats aren’t going to be as useful.

Unfortunately, you can’t really know which type of cat you’re getting. It’s not like they come pre-labeled as mousers and non-mousers. If you need some immediate control and more importantly, a deterrent, getting a cat (or three) for indoor and outdoor patrolling could be a good choice. After all, cats emit a chemical that typically deters mice by informing them of a predator nearby.

However, you may also need to consider other mice control efforts and solutions in order to eradicate the problem completely. Not only that, but mice are usually dirty and full of disease—do you really want your cats catching them, and potentially catching whatever they have? Even if your pets are up to date on vaccines, they may not be protected against things that mice carry.

The best solution for mice control is to hire a reputable, experienced pest control company that knows how to deal with mice in your location. Believe it or not, different types of mice exist in different locations. Not only that, but they’re smart if they’ve been around for any length of time. It takes an experienced professional to eradicate mice completely, in most cases.

There is nothing that replaces professional extermination to get rid of mice and rats. Cats are great, but Mice Mob Exterminators is better. Not only will they help resolve the issue, but they can provide preventative solutions to keep the mice from returning year after year. Then, your cats can sit back and relax, and enjoy being a cat instead of being tasked with handling pest control.

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