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Stop Mice Before a Construction Project

When you’re beginning a new construction project, there are several important measures you should take before breaking ground. You need to take steps regarding the land, plumbing, and other prep work to get the area ready for construction.

There’s probably one important step you might not be aware of. You must stop mice before a construction project.

The last thing you want to do is build a house on top of a mouse infestation. If you start construction on top of a source for mice, they’ll only have one place to go once construction begins – inside the structure.

Does Construction Attract Mice?

Many people might not be aware of the fact that construction projects or renovations can attract mice and other rodents. However, there are several reasons mice may be attracted to a construction or renovation area, and you need to be aware of these reasons.

When you move forward with these types of projects, it’s easy to leave large piles of wood and debris around. These piles attract mice, as they’ll enter these areas for warmth, shelter, and for a source of items to construct their nests.

There can also be large areas of garbage present near construction areas. This can include leftover construction items and discarded food items from the lunch breaks workers take on the job. Not only will this garbage attract mice, but other rodents like raccoons and possums as well.

Preventing Mice Before and During Construction

You can take several steps to avoid mice before and during construction. Use the following tips to decrease the odds of an infestation after the construction is finished.

  • Any leftover wood should immediately be hauled off. This includes leftover wood from the construction and any trees that are cut down to make room for any buildings. If you want to avoid the cost of having them hauled away, you can also burn these piles, as long as it’s done according to law and in a safe manner.
  • Remove any garbage from the construction site daily. All garbage bags and loose trash items such as concrete bags, food wrappers, and other items should be removed. It doesn’t take long for mice to enter an area, so it’s important this is done regularly.
  • Once you begin construction, check open areas like vents, crawlspaces, and basements. If you see any signs of infestation, lay traps during construction. This can stop the problem before it gets too severe.

These tips will help you before and during construction. However, if the problem becomes too significant, contact Mice Mob Exterminators, and we can help whether it’s before construction or after.

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