Mice Infestation

Look for These Signs of Mice in Your House

Sometimes, you might see a mouse run across the floor, letting you know that you have a mouse problem. This could happen when they don’t realize you are there, when they are trying to get away, or when they get to the point where they don’t care if you are there. However, there’s a good chance that you could have mice in your house right now and not even know it. They run around in the dead of night like whiskered ghosts.

Even if you don’t see them, though, there are some telltale signs that you have a problem with mice. Below are some of the biggest indications that you have a mouse problem.

Scritch-Scratch in the Walls

Mice are usually quiet, but they do make sounds. When they are running around in the walls or under the floorboards, you can hear them. They can be heard getting into and out of their nests. Sometimes, you can hear their claws as they run through the walls.

What They Leave Behind

Mice aren’t the cleanliest of guests. One of the things that you might notice is droppings. They are small, dark, and rice-shaped, and they will be scattered around different areas of your home. Check the countertops and in the cupboards.

Mice also urinate wherever they like and often when they are on the move. This leaves urine trails. The longer the mice are in the home, the greater the scent of urine will be. It smells similar to ammonia, and it tends to be stronger in the morning before the house is aired out.

Problems with Your Food

You may also notice that something is getting into your food. Mice will chew through boxes to get at the cereal or other food inside. They will also chew boxes, along with furniture and insulation, to get nesting material. Look for these signs of chewing. It’s an indicator that you definitely have a rodent issue.

Once you know that you have a mouse problem, what should you do? Most of the time, traps won’t be cut because there are so many mice in the place. Taking preventative measures could stop more mice from coming inside, but you have a lot you have to deal with now. The best thing you can do is get in touch with The professionals at Mice Mob Exterminators, who can exterminate the mice and return your house to a vermin-free state.

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