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Signs You Have A Mouse In Your Kitchen

You are an excellent housekeeper. You put food away immediately, you wipe off the counters after every time you prepare a meal, and your trash can has a tightly closing lid. Look at that floor. You could eat off it. Your kitchen gleams like a showroom model at Home Depot. You couldn’t possibly have mice in your kitchen. Could you?

More Than Cheese

What do mice eat, anyway? When people set mouse traps, they use cheese, or maybe peanut butter. Is this what they live on? In the wild, they eat grains, seeds, fruits, and various other plants. They also eat insects, already dead animals, and if things are really tough, they will eat each other. Can they find any of these things in your spotless kitchen?

Dust To Dust

Your kitchen looks immaculate, but what about the places you can’t see or reach? The space behind the refrigerator, inside the toaster, under the sink, and just inside the floor vents? Pet food dust alone can be enough to attract mice, even if it’s a small amount.

Telltale Signs

If you see scratch marks on the baseboards, a slightly widened gap in a corner of the floor, or worse yet, mouse droppings…there is a mouse in your kitchen. Probably more than one. If your power cable on your blender is mysteriously frayed, it could have been chewed by a mouse. If there are little shreds of sawdust alongside the fridge, probably wall material chewed by a mouse. And let’s not forget sounds and smells. You may hear scratching or scurrying noises in the walls or ceiling. You may smell a musty smell that has never been there before. And remember, if you see one mouse, the chances are extremely high that there is a lot more in the area.

If mice have entered your home, the kitchen is going to be a favorite location. And when we say the kitchen, we also mean inside the kitchen walls, up in the kitchen ceiling, and inside the kitchen air vents. Not just in the kitchen, near the kitchen as well. Mice Mob Exterminators expertly evaluate and detect these telltale signs, and take appropriate action.

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