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What Can Mice Do If They Get In Your Walls?

When mice take up residence in your walls, you can be in for a major annoyance. A mice infestation presents several problems, none of which you want to endure. These problems range from minor disruptions all the way to dangerous and possibly disastrous results.

What’s That Noise?

Mice are active at night, between dusk and dawn, so you may not even notice their presence during the daytime. But if you’re trying to get to sleep, and scratching or scurrying noises are coming from inside your bedroom walls or ceiling, you’re in for a night of insomnia. Many people also experience anxiety, knowing that there are rodents close at hand while they are trying to sleep, especially small children. You might be wondering, If mice are not bothering us, can they stay? Even if they are not bothering you, there are other associated dangers.

What’s That Smell?

A quick investigation into wall cavities will reveal mouse droppings – a lot of them if the mice have been living there for a while. If they have been in there long enough to breed and increase their in-wall population, you could have a whole army of them producing droppings, and experience the acrid smell that comes along with that population. This smell permeates insulation and other soft building materials, such as drywall.

Is That Smoke?

Since mice like to chew on things, your electrical wiring inside your walls can be a favorite target. The insulation coating on the wires can attract them because it is often soy-based plastic. And with chewed wiring comes fire danger. Also, even without an actual fire, you may find that certain wall outlets no longer work. If mice are able to chew through just one supply wire, that can deactivate all the outlets in a room. In the worst case, you get a real house fire and all of the expensive damage and possible injury that comes with one.

At the first signs of mouse activity, you should contact a professional exterminator. Time is not on your side, as mice can breed quickly and establish a family inside your walls. Contact Mice Mob Exterminators for an evaluation of your suspected mouse problem.

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