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Do Mice Pose Risks To Your Household Pets?

If we have learned anything from the cartoons of our childhood, it’s that cats and mice are natural enemies. But full-grown cats, and for that matter, dogs, are clearly in no danger when it comes to a fight with a little mouse. Or are they? Sure, there is a considerable size difference. However, that doesn’t mean the potential for disease and other dangers to your pet is not there.

Scratch And Bite

Even if a kitty or puppy easily wins the battle, that mouse isn’t going down without a struggle. And that can mean a trip to the vet for a few stitches. Plus, your pet will need you to administer antibiotics and cleaning a wound for a week or so.

Sickness And Disease

Rodents carry a whole host of bacterial infections and parasites, all of which can pass to your family pet. Some of them pose no noticeable symptoms. You may notice your pet being a little more lethargic or sleepy than usual. But cats, in particular, are sleepy carnivores and spend a lot of the day napping, so you likely wouldn’t notice a little extra laziness. If your animals are “outdoor” pets, they are at risk, and if mice are inside the house, the risk is there too. That said, having a cat is one of the simple ways to prevent mice invasions. Just remember to have regular exams at the vet.

These bacterial infections often produce either very mild symptoms in humans or no symptoms at all. But there are a couple of notable exceptions, the first one being toxoplasmosis, which is highly dangerous for pregnant women, and the second one being the various intestinal parasites, none of which you want in your pet… or yourself.

Here, Have A Present

When a kitty or puppy starts bringing you gifts of dead mice, that should wave a red flag. As we all know, this is a sign of affection and loyalty. But if there are suddenly more of them showing up, it’s time for you to investigate. And handle that “present” with gloves.

If you see signs of mouse activity, you should contact a professional exterminator. Your pet’s safety may be at risk, and you need to take immediate steps to protect your beloved family member. Contact Mice Mob Exterminators for an expert evaluation.

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