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If Mice Make Great Pets, Why Do I Need Them Out of My Home?

Many people are surprised that rodents make such fantastic pets, particularly rats and mice. While gerbils and hamsters have long been considered appropriate pets, a lot of that had to do with the fact that most people considered them to be “cuter”. But now there are a lot of folks who have been won over by the intelligence and personality of common rodents.

However, we are not talking about wild mice and rats here. Wild mice are not tame and can carry up to 200 human pathogens. So let’s be clear, all of the rodents that didn’t come from the pet store have got to go!

Pets Are Invited, Wild Rodents Are Not

Mice will do anything that they can to get inside your home. This is even more true when the weather goes from warm to hot and from mild to cold. So the summer and winter times are the best times to have an inspection performed.

Mice Are Highly Intelligent

This is part of what makes them so difficult to detect. In fact, many mice infestations can exist for several generations before being discovered. This is especially the case if there is a lot of open, outdoor area nearby for them to roam at night.

The Longer You Wait the More There Will Be

Unfortunately, being so hard to notice allows them time to grow very large in number. With that comes a more involved, difficult and expensive extermination process. The best way to avoid this is with regular inspections, even if you don’t see any reason to be concerned.

Clearly, the difference between pet mice and wild mice is immeasurable. Wild mice will overrun and lay waste to your property inside and out when left unchecked. If you even think that you may have a problem, then just give us a call at Mice Mob Exterminators. We will be more than happy to come and check out your problem in person. From there, our trained pest control expert can come up with a plan specialized just for you.

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