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Questions to Ask Your Mouse Exterminator

If you have a house mouse infestation, you need to begin searching for an experienced, qualified mouse exterminator in Chicago. You can begin your search for mouse pest control services by asking friends and family to recommend a mouse exterminator. Once you have a few options, speak to them in person or by phone to ask them key questions about their mice extermination services.

You should find out how long the mouse pest control company has been in business, and whether each mouse exterminator is licensed and insured for mice extermination and mice removal. You can also ask about their level of experience in handling house mice infestations, and request references or testimonials from past customers. You should confirm that their mice extermination techniques and mice infestation solutions are safe for your family and pets, and that they are the most effective mice control methods available.

Ask each mouse exterminator what equipment and products he uses in catching mice, killing mice, and mice elimination. Choose a mouse pest control company that also offers mouse proofing services and mice prevention tips to ensure that you don’t see any future signs of mice in the house.

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