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The Cost of Skipping an Exterminator

You’ve seen the telltale signs of rodents setting up a home on your property. You’ve noticed the scratch marks and the droppings. But instead of calling an exterminator service, you decide to take care of the problem yourself. Many homeowners and property owners take the “I’ll take care of it myself” approach when it comes to rodents, but it rarely works out in a successful way.

The team at Mice Mob Exterminators has seen it time and time again. We are called in to take care of a rodent problem that started out small but then grew out of control because it wasn’t taken care of professionally and efficiently at the beginning. Here’s what can happen when you choose to try to eliminate rodents on your own, without the help of experienced professionals.

Purchasing the Wrong Traps

One major hurdle home or property owners miss when trying to eliminate rodents on their own is purchasing the wrong trap. Heading to the home improvement store to purchase a few of every type of rodent trap is expensive and ineffective, leaving you feeling frustrated and the rodents undeterred.

Traps in the Wrong Places

Rodents can be tricky and home or property owners simply don’t have the experience to figure them out. While you may find droppings or scratch marks in a particular place of your home, that doesn’t mean the rodents are there regularly. We find most home or property owners are trying to trap the rodents in incorrect locations, meaning they do not see fast results.

Fast Growing Populations

Rodents can reproduce quickly in the right environment. What may start out as one curious mouse can quickly turn into an infestation if the home or property owner can’t get it under control. More than once, our team of professionals has met with a frustrated home or property owner that saw their efforts be ineffective and lead to a major infestation that requires more cleaning and extermination services.

Skip the frustration of choosing a trap and figuring out your rodent problem alone. Instead, call our team of professionals. We can help get your rodent problem eliminated and work with you to design a plan to prevent future issues. Call the Mice Mob Exterminators office today to get started.

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