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Are Mice Causing Allergies and Asthma in Your Family?

A mice infestation can lead to a lot of problems in your home. On top of common issues like leaving droppings across your floor, mice might also lead to respiratory issues. It is very important to deal with mice infestations as soon as possible to avoid major health issues. Keep reading to find out if your family’s allergies and asthma might be a result of your mice problems:

Mouse Allergens

Mouse allergens tend to appear in their urine and dander. If you have mice in your home, these allergens could be anywhere, but researchers have found that they are most likely to be found in the kitchen. Kitchen floors often have high levels of urinary proteins that can cause allergic reactions and might even lead to asthma. They could also be in the walls or on uneaten food in the kitchen. If you think you have mice, you should call for professional help as soon as you can so you can avoid these health issues.

A Problem for All Demographics

Mice-related asthma was once associated with low-income areas. Scientists are starting to discover, though, that anyone of any socioeconomic status can deal with mice infestations that could lead to allergies and asthma. If you notice any signs of droppings or chewed food or boxes in your home, you should call some exterminators to come and make sure you do not have mice so you can avoid these potentially serious health issues.

More Exposure Leads to Higher Risk

If you do not deal with a mice infestation early, you and your family are at a higher risk for dealing with allergies and respiratory issues like asthma. Mice proofing in Chicago, Illinois can keep your home clean and your family healthy. If you notice that you have more problems with allergies or breathing, you should call a mouse removal company to come to your home to see mice might be causing the issues.

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