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Natural Remedies to Deter Mice and Rats

No one wants to have a home infested with mice and rats. Those nasty little rodents don’t care, though. They want the warmth, shelter, and food your home provides. Therefore, you need to find ways to deter them from wanting to be in your home in the first place. Below are some natural remedies to try.

Essential Oils, Moth Balls, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Rodents don’t like the scent of certain essential oils like peppermint oil. Simply soak some cotton balls in the oil and then place them around openings in your house both inside and outside. Place them in other areas where you worry about mice, such as around your kitchen.

You can do the same with clove essential oil or with apple cider vinegar. Choose a scent that you don’t mind. Mothballs have a strong scent that mice don’t like, too. Of course, you may not like the smell either, but it does a good job of keeping away rodents.

Keep in mind that a lot of these natural remedies are not safe around pets and children if they attempt to eat or lick them. Be wary of where they are placed and consider other options if you have kids and animals.

Consider Getting a Cat

If you don’t have allergies and you can have a cat in your home, they can do a good job of deterring rodents from entering. After all, they are natural enemies. Even the scent of a cat can keep mice away.

What If You Already Have Mice and Rats?

It might be too late to employ natural remedies to keep all of the rodents away. If you already have an infestation, the methods mentioned above could help, but they may not drive them out. Not to mention how dirty the house has become due to the rodents that leave urine, feces, and saliva everywhere they go. You need some help.

At this point, you need to call in Mice Moo Exterminators to deal with the rodents. They can remove the mice and rats and disinfect your home to ensure it’s healthy for you and your loved ones. The experts can help to shore up your home to ensure you don’t have a repeat infestation.

Once the mice and rats are gone, remember to use the natural remedies discussed above to help keep them away. Contact Mice Mob Exterminators to learn more!

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