Mice Infestation

Top Entry Points for Mice Into Your Home

Things can get out of hand quickly when you have a mouse problem. It can be important to take measures to eliminate the problem.

Exterminating mice already inside your home takes care of part of the problem. But somehow, these creatures entered your house at some point.

You need to be aware of how they made your house their home and find a way to shut off these areas. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing a subsequent infestation.

Mice Entry Points

There are several ways that mice enter your home. Normally, these rodents will seek refuge inside your home during the winter because of the warmth. However, an infestation can happen during any time of year, and you need to be aware of how they make their way inside your house.

Indoor Areas

These are some of the most common indoor areas to inspect for potential mice entry points.

  • Check the air vents around your home. Mice can easily enter using the ventilation systems. Most of these vents have some type of opening on the outside of your home. Mice will enter these openings, make their way down the vents, and emerge through the grates on your walls or floors.
  • Pipes and drains are another common entry point for mice. Mice will find exposed pipes or drain exit points outside of your house. They’ll crawl their way through drainage pipes and will appear on the other side, on the interior of your property.
  • Basements and crawl spaces are some of the most common places that mice enter. Windows or cracks in the concrete are easy for mice to crawl through. These areas should be sealed to prevent additional entry.

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas should be checked and blocked off as well to avoid any extra mice from entering.

  • Check for potential trouble areas in your garage. Mice will enter through unsealed doors and on the bottom of damaged weatherstripping.
  • The attic or your roof is another infamous place that allows mice to enter your home. If you don’t think that mice can climb these heights, think again.

Pay attention to all of these areas year-round. You may not catch mice in the act, so you have to look for signs of their presence, like hair and droppings.

Set traps near these areas and seal them using caulking or other dependable materials. If you’re having trouble that you can’t handle, contact Mice Mob Exterminators to handle your biggest mice challenges.

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