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What Are the Most Effective Mouse Traps?

When you have a mouse infestation or deal with any other type of unwanted rodent, getting rid of them can be a challenge. There are multiple forms of traps and bait systems, but not all of them can get the job done.

Depending on how you want to get rid of the mice and how large the infestation is, several forms of traps can provide what you need. This article will go over some of the most effective traps and what they do.

Options for Traps

You’ll need to decide what type of trap you want. Do you need to catch one or two mice, or do you have a full infestation?

Are you concerned with humane traps, or does the method of capture or kill not factor into your decision? The following list provides some of the top options.

Snap Traps

These mouse traps may be the most common and oldest form, but that doesn’t mean they’re not efficient. The design might be basic, but they’re still very efficient at dealing with a small number of mice in your home.

Snap traps kill mice quickly, and while they’re not fully humane, they usually don’t entail any suffering. One pitfall is the level of difficulty when it comes to setting them, but they’re cost-efficient and can be used more than once.

Bar Traps

Bar traps are similar to snap traps, but they’re a little easier to set up. The bait is placed on a pressure-sensitive switch. A spring loader is activated when the mouse goes for the bait, and the bar swings over to trap or kill the mouse.

Electric Traps

Electric traps use a chamber as well and work by hitting mice with a quick dose of electric shock. These traps are made for speed and don’t require any setting of the trap or touching the mouse. These traps are great if you have pets because there’s no risk of them being caught in a snap or bar. There’s also no chance of electric shock since the mice must be inside the chamber to trigger the system.

If you’re looking for a trap that’s 100% humane, you can choose a sticky trap or live catch trap. Live catch traps are more efficient as they use trap doors that mice can enter but aren’t able to exit. Sticky traps can be inefficient, and it’s not uncommon for mice to get out of the glue.

Depending on your preference for kill or no-kill traps, one of these options will be your best bet. If you have a large infestation, you should consider a live catch trap. These can hold multiple mice at once.

For smaller numbers of mice, a snap trap or something similar should do just fine. If the mice don’t die, always make sure you release them at least five miles from your home; otherwise, they may find their way back.

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