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Is There a Mouse in My House?

Even if you don’t see them, they may be there. The thought of a mouse infestation can send shivers down anyone’s spine, though it is common for you to encounter them in your home at least once during ownership.

Mice are among the most annoying and unpleasant pests in the US; however, there are ways to discover if you have tiny unwanted guests. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out for the common signs that betray the presence of mice. 


A surefire way to know that you have rodent residents is the unpleasant stuff they leave behind. Mouse droppings are usually the size and shape of a grain of rice and can be black or brown in color. You may also notice a scent or stain from mouse urine. If you notice these signs, make sure to call a professional exterminator before the problem gets worse.

Teeth Marks

If you’ve got mice living with you, you’ll see evidence of their tiny sharp teeth. Mice need to gnaw in order to keep their constantly growing teeth in check, so you’ll notice marks on wood, cords, furniture, and food. Don’t ignore the signs, as gnawing can lead to serious dangers including electrical fires.


Even when you can’t see visible signs, you may hear your little visitors in the space between walls and in attics. Pay particular attention to noises at night, since mice are most active at that time. You may hear mice running, shuffling, and scuttling. 

Prevention is Best

The best way to prevent an infestation is to mouse proof your home. If you haven’t seen any signs of mice yet, it’s the perfect time to ensure that you have proper preventive measures in place. A professional can help you seal off points of mouse entry and ensure that it’s extremely difficult for mice to get inside in the first place.  

Call us for a free consultation and estimate – we can give you advice about your current level of risk, or help you get rid of a current infestation. 

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