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3 Simple Steps to Mice Control Prevention

One of the best pest control methods of all is to never get an infestation in the first place! While this might seem like an obvious statement, the fact is many of us could do more to prevent problems. In today’s post, we will cover a few of the basic steps you can take to pest-proof your home and yard.  With just a little bit of attention and effort, you can greatly reduce the chances of needing pest control services.

Cutting Off Food

If you are regularly seeing mice or other rodents on your outdoor property, chances are that they have a nearby food source. If you are seeing them inside your home, we are already past the prevention stage and on to removal. Sometimes the food source is left out pet food. Other times it may be your trash bins. Regardless of where the food is coming from, it is enough to keep mice coming around and bringing friends.

Cutting Off Access

Preventing mice from coming around your yard is one thing. Keeping them out of your house is another one entirely. The most common access points are high and low. That means that in most cases, mice will try to invade your home through the attic or basement. Both are dark places where they can hide in safety without coming across people or other animals. Closing and sealing even the tiniest of holes and gaps can make a huge difference.

Removing Your Property’s Mouse Appeal

Something else that will discourage mice from residing in and around your property is keeping it well maintained. Trimming hedges, bushes and other shrubbery limits the places they can nest and hide. So does removing building materials and firewood. Regular inspections allow you to take care of any issues early on. All in all, just a little outdoor housekeeping can help keep your property mouse-free.

Pest control prevention of any kind, especially mice and rodents, takes diligence. It’s about getting on top and staying on top of the problem. This is even more true if you live in an area prone to mice issues. Contact the experts here at Mice Mob Exterminators today to find out how we can help you!

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