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Things You Never Knew About Mice (Such as, Did You Know They Swim?)

When it comes to the more fascinating of pests and invasive species, mice definitely sit atop the list. In fact, when they aren’t intrusively moving into your home and are instead individual pets, they are actually pretty awesome. However, this is not the case with field mice and other wild species which infest your property. In understanding more about these critters, here are a few little-known facts:

They Live Very Short Lives

It is sometimes surprising to find out that most wild mice of the common varieties only live about 5-6 months outdoors. But to be clear, This isn’t usually due to old age. For the most part these vermin fall victim to predators, the elements, hunger and many other natural causes. In the safety of your attic or basement, however, they can live longer.

They Can Spread Way More Germs than You Already Think

Most people are already well aware of the fact that rodents, especially mice and rats are notorious spreaders of disease. What you probably do not know is just how many pathogens they actually carry. Some species have been found to carry as many as two hundred! That is a startling number of illnesses that they could expose a young child or health-compromised adult too.

They Are Contortionists and Disappearing Artists!

Mice can twist and shape their little bodies into countless positions. This allows them to move through even the tiniest of places. Research shows that an average field mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. This makes is extremely difficult to keep them contained. And since they travel mainly at night, it is also very difficult to catch them in action.

When it comes to mice infesting your home, there are no “fun facts”. And the only fact that matters is that they have to go ASAP. That’s where we come in. The experienced pest professionals here at Mice Mob Exterminators have been handling these types of problems for years and we can do the same for you. Don’t live in fear of opening the pantry or turning on a closet light in your own home anymore! Give us a call today.

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