If your home is in need of mice extermination, the first step of eliminating the problem is to figure out where these furry pests are hiding in your home. In order to be successful at catching mice, your mouse exterminator serving Chicago needs to understand the ins and outs of how house mice behave. With a detailed understanding of where mice prefer to live and when they are most active, you will be able to achieve effective house mouse control. Let’s explore some of the essentials of house mouse behavior.

House Mice Are Nocturnal

When you are dealing with a mouse problem in your home, it is important to be aware of the fact that mice are most prominently active during the nighttime hours. While you may not notice the signs of mouse in your home during the daytime, these bothersome creatures may start to exhibit their common behaviors at night. At night, house mice will typically feed, gnaw on hard surfaces, and build their nests. Even if your problem appears to disappear during the daytime, you will want to remain aware of the presence of mice during the night.

House Mice Must Continually Chew

Gnaw marks on wooden surfaces are among the hallmark signs of mice in the home. Mice must chew on wooden baseboards and other solid materials, because their teeth grow continually. Without daily gnawing, a house mouse’s teeth would grow to an alarming length. Once you have exterminated mice in your home, you can rest assured that your wooden objects are protected from damage.

House Mice Are Born In Litters

One of the reasons why a house mouse problem can become a major infestation is that mice are always born in litters. In an average litter, a female mouse will give birth to up to 14 pups. Since a female mouse is able to have a litter up to ten times a year, a single adult mouse can multiply a colony’s numbers at an exponential rate.

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