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A Look at the Summer Habits of Mice

For many people, the summer season means spending more time outside, trips with the family, and even hitting the beach. While you may be inside your house less than normal, house mice can still take up residence in or near your home during the summer. Because winters have been less harsh than average, mice are breeding more than normal, leading to more activity during warmer months. If you’re looking for effective mice control in Chicago, remember that being proactive during the summer can help you once colder temperatures arrive. Keep reading to learn what house mice may be doing during your summer vacation.

Where They Are

You might head off to the beach in the summer, but house mice won’t venture so far away from your home. House mice tend to stay within about 25 feet of their nests, and no matter what season it is, they like to be warm. You might find house mice nesting behind your stove or refrigerator in any season, though some mice may be content to stay outside when it’s warm. Woodpiles and compost piles are two popular spots for mice to nest, and if those piles are located close to your house, they can easily move inside when the weather turns colder. Mouse proofing your home in the summer is essential to keep the mice outside where they belong.

What They Do

In addition to eating the food they find in your house, mice may also look for food from outside sources. If you have a garden that’s in close proximity to their nests, they may nibble on what you have growing. This can keep house mice outside during the summer, when you may see them inside less frequently. However, when the temperatures drop and outside food sources become more scarce, house mice are more likely to find a way into your home. By working with a mouse exterminator in the summer, you can reduce the chances of having a mice infestation in the winter.

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