Little Mouse, Big Damage

Little mice might look innocent enough, but when you see one in your house, a big disaster could be looming. If you have a mouse in your house, your home and your health are at risk. Mice must constantly gnaw on things because their front incisors are always growing, which means house mice will chew on your wood, insulation, and electrical wires, causing severe damage and even the risk of a fire. House mice also carry diseases, ranging from salmonellosis and rat bite fever to ringworm and tapeworms, which can put your family’s health on the line. Find out more about the kinds of damage mice can cause in this infographic from Mice Mob Exterminators. It’s important to use professional mice extermination when you have an infestation, so contact us when you need mice removal in Chicago, IL. Help other homeowners find out about the risks of a mice infestation by sharing this information.

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