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Tricks to Keep Mice Away From Your Commercial Property

The fall in Chicagoland is beautiful. The weather is great, the trees are showing off their colors, and the Bears are playing every weekend. However, with all of the good parts of autumn, this season is also a perfect one for mice looking for a warm place to spend the winter. If you own a commercial property, you are especially vulnerable to mice scurrying into your business prior to the freezing temperatures of winter. Here is what you need to know to prevent mice for heading your way.

Clear Out Landscaping

Mice are sneaky and are always looking for places to hide along property lines. Your commercial property landscaping is full of places to hide: tall grasses, thick mulch, and lots of groundcover can look great to passersby as well as mice looking to stay out of sight. Work with your landscaping company to trim back landscaping in order to deter mice from getting to close to your building.

Seal Up Holes

Mice can squeeze into your property through holes or cracks less than one inch in diameter. The best way to keep them out of your building is to not give them access to the inside. Work with your maintenance team to do a thorough review of your building exterior, focusing on mortar and stonework, as well as foundations or steps. Seal up any cracks or holes to assure mice won’t find a way in this winter.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Know the warning signs of a visiting mouse, and educate your team members as well. Keep your eyes peeled for scratches, gnaw marks, droppings or other signs that could point to mice. 

Call the Experts

Commercial properties can be especially vulnerable to mice infestations, and in order to have peace of mind that your building is safe, it is best to call in the experts. At Mice Mob Exterminators, our technicians develop a plan for eliminating mice from your property and preventing any infestations in the future. Our comprehensive plan will keep mice away from your property, your staff, and your clients.

Call us today for a consultation. 

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