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Finding Mice Where They Nest

As a homeowner, you may enjoy welcoming guests into your house. However, uninvited guests are rarely welcome—especially when they are mice. House mice can get into your home through spaces as small as a dime, and can be hazardous to your health. If you suspect a house mice infestation in Chicago, you’ll need professional help to rid your home of the problem once and for all. Catching mice can be difficult, and you must address the infestation at its source in order to control it. Keep reading to learn more about finding mice where they nest.

Signs of Mice

Mice may seek shelter in your house because it is warm, safe from the elements, and they are able to find food sources easily. If you notice small black or brown droppings about the size of a grain of rice, this is a telltale sign that mice are present. Because their teeth never stop growing, you may also see chewing marks on furniture or packaged food where they have been gnawing. It is important to note that house mice tend to stay close to their nests, only traveling 15 to 25 feet away for food and water. Pay attention to where you see the signs of mice, and draw a radius around that area to help you determine where the nest might be located.

Spotting Mice Nests

Because mice like to be warm, they often nest in places where there is a heat source. If your stove or oven has a pilot light, this may be where mice are nesting. House mice may also claim underneath or behind your refrigerator as their own, since it is warm there. Mice gather materials they find outdoors or inside your house to construct their nests, such as string, paper, food wrappers, and cloth. The nests are shaped like a ball, and the house mice live inside of it. If you find such an object and there are droppings inside or immediately outside of it, chances are it’s a nest. Alert your mice exterminator if you find a nest so that the proper action can be taken.

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