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Essential Tips for Preventing a Mice Infestation

Keeping your family safe and healthy is always a top priority. Sadly, your home can become infested with pests and rodents that can pose a threat to keeping your family healthy and happy. Mice carry and spread multiple diseases, such as the plague. Keeping mice out of your home is key to providing a safe environment for your loved ones. Continue reading to learn essential tips for mouse proofing in Chicago.

Organize Your Belongings

A messy home provides the perfect place for mice to nest and hide. Keeping your home tidy and organized can help you keep mice away. Not only will a clean home bring sanity, but it will also allow you to be sure your family has a healthy environment to thrive in. If your home is messy and disorganized, there are simple fixes you can make to keep mice out. For example, placing your belongings into organized tubs will allow you to know where everything is and will keep mice out of your belongings.

Properly Store Food

Easy access to food means easy living for a mouse. Mice will go where the food is. If there is no food, there will be no mice. Keeping food stored away in airtight containers will discourage mice from hanging around your kitchen. Human food is not the only food to be concerned about; pet foods will also attract mice. Properly close and store any pet food to keep mice away and spreading of diseases at bay.

Block All Entrances

To prevent a mice infestation problem in your home, the most important action you can take is to block all the ways a mouse can get into your home. Check around the outside of your home to look for any small cracks a mouse could slip into. Filling in these cracks will help to keep rodents out. Also, installing door sweeps and fixing any screens that may have damage are also important to keep mice outside. To be sure you mice-proof correctly and give your family a safe place to live, hire a professional exterminator. Professionals have the knowledge and knowhow to get you a mouse-proof house.

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