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Don’t Invite Rodents to Thanksgiving Dinner

November is a month full of good things – Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, tables full of family members. Unfortunately, amidst all the lovely parts of November, it is also a month that brings the chance for many uninvited visitors to enter your home. Rodents, such as mice, begin looking for warm places to cozy up in the cold Chicagoland weather in early fall and continue well past Thanksgiving. To keep your home rodent-free this season, try a few of our time-tested tips for making your home unappealing to curious mice.

Keep food under wraps

Mice have two qualifications for a winter hideout: food and warmth. While you cannot spend the winter without heat, you can be sure that your food storage is on point. Keep pantries, counters, drawers, and cabinets clean by wiping them at least weekly. Put all dry foods in air tight containers. We suggest glass or heavy duty plastic, as mice can quickly chew through cardboard or lightweight plastic containers.

Watch for hidden food sources in your garage

For many homeowners, mice enter the garage before entering the house. This fact often surprises Mice Mob Exterminators customers, as homeowners believe there are no food sources in the garage. However, they are mistaken.

Give your garage a thorough examination for potential mice food. Is your dog food stored in the garage? If so, be sure the container is made of metal or heavy duty plastic, and that it is snapped tightly between uses. Do you have cornhole bags stored in your garage? If those bags are full of dried corn or beans, mice will make them a target. If you must store your bags in the garage, seal them in a tight metal container.

Look for telltale signs of activity

Even with your cleaning and storage precautions, it is still important to watch for signs of a rodent infestation. If you notice gnawing marks on walls or food boxes, or if you see mouse droppings in your home or garage, you likely have an uninvited houseguest or two.

If you see signs of mouse activity, or if you want to avoid a mice situation entirely, give the team at Mice Mob Exterminators a call. We have years of experiencing serving customers throughout the Chicagoland area and can get rid of, or prevent, your mouse problem long before your first holiday guest rings the doorbell.

Don’t delay, give us a call soon to assure your house doesn’t become a home for mice this winter.

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