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4 Surprising Things That Attract Mice

What sort of things do you think mice are attracted to? Many people’s first answer is cheese. While this can be used to bring in mice, it’s not as attractive to them as some other foods you might not be aware of. It isn’t just food that causes mice to run for cover in your home, either. 

You want to avoid mice coming into your home, which necessitates a visit from the exterminators. This blog will delve into surprising things that mice love so you know what could draw them to your house.

1. Chocolate and Peanut Butter

When you think about mouse traps, you likely envision a wooden and metal device armed with cheese. However, mice are big fans of carbs and those tend to draw them in better than a chunk of cheddar. Things like peanut butter and chocolate are full of calories and tend to be appreciated by mice. 

2. Feathers, Cotton, and Old Newspapers

Mice are drawn to food, but they also want materials to create their nests. Soft items like cotton and feathers are favorites of these little rodents. However, they’ll also sneak around to gather up bits of old newspapers or even dental floss to use to create a home for their families. Mice are far more likely to infest your home if it’s filled with these little tidbits.

3. Garbage

We’ve talked about how much mice love food. This also applies to all the little scraps that end up in your garbage cans. Tossing these items into a bin or trash can that isn’t secure is practically giving the mice an invitation to dig in and feast. Plastic bags are also not a real barrier to their desires. 

4. Weeds and Debris

While mice aren’t going to munch on weeds so much, they will use them as a hiding spot. Natural debris and piles of leaves can also offer cover for these tiny critters, which can place them near your home. The best option is to clear yard waste regularly to avoid these invading rodents.

Now that you know what sorts of items draw in mice, you might be wondering if you have some in your home. The best way to know for certain is to have a professional inspect your home. The experts at Mice Mob Exterminators can schedule an inspection and help you get rid of any rodents that have made it inside. 

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