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Freeze Out Pests with Proper Prevention

Every season brings about different types of pests. Summer brings an influx of insects and spiders that want to eat those insects. During the winter, you might hope that since other animals are hibernating, you won’t have to deal so much with rodents.

We’re sorry to tell you that it’s just not true. The good news, though, is that you can take some steps during this cold season to help prevent mice from trying to get into your home to find a warm, cozy spot.

  • Keep those holiday treats locked up tight. Presents aren’t the only things you should be sealing this winter. Make sure that any candy, cookies, desserts (and all other food) are tightly sealed in containers that mice can’t chew through. They can get through cardboard and plastic, so if you have things in these materials—especially if they’re odorous—put them in another container for extra safety.
  • Seal your home up well. We’re not just talking about doors and windows, either. Mice can get into your home from the tiniest spaces in walls, and if you have an attic or basement, it’s even easier. If there’s a space in any wall, cupboard, or floor that’s ¼” or bigger, seal it with steel wool or caulking. Check the pipes, too, since the spaces around those are common entry points for pests. Don’t forget the chimney! Put a cap on it when it’s not in use.
  • Keep your firewood off the ground. Wintertime is the best time for fires, and depending on your home, they might be a necessity. If you keep a stockpile of logs during the winter, make sure it’s at least a foot and a half off of the ground. This way, mice can’t hide underneath and then migrate into your home. You can take extra precautions by keeping the pile away from the house.
  • Clear out the clutter. Wintertime brings in a lot of “stuff,” so use this season as a reason to clean out unnecessary items. Mice like to hide in spaces that are filled with paper, clothes, and junk that doesn’t get moved around often, so you can prevent their nesting by keeping your home tidy.

If you feel you need extra help, call Mice Mob Exterminators—Chicago’s top extermination company. We can come out and let you know if your home is winter-pest-prevention ready or if you could benefit from some additional measures.

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