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Do Exterminators Clean Up Mice Poop?

You’ve seen it. Small, dark, seedy little poops underneath your cupboards. Now there’s some by the fridge. Gasp! There’s more in your cupboards! Have no fear—you don’t have to tackle this problem by yourself! Mice Mob is here to help.

You might be wondering what Mice Mob or other Chicago exterminators will take care of, though. For example, do Chicago exterminators clean up mice poop? Or do they just spray your home and tell you that hopefully, the pests won’t come back?

A good exterminator will include cleaning up mouse poop as part of the disinfecting stage of your home. This is because cleaning mouse feces can be dangerous, too, and we know how to do it right! For example, did you know that you should never sweep or vacuum mice poop because it might spread toxic germs? Sweeping or vacuuming could put the diseases that mice carry in their poop into the air. Therefore, the poop should be picked up with a cardboard sleeve and placed into double trash bags, or sprayed with disinfectant before it’s swept or vacuumed up.

Of course, Mice Mob exterminators will be out to your home as soon as humanly possible. But you might not want to leave mice poop all over your home while you’re waiting for them to arrive, especially if you have young kids or pets.

Mouse dropping should be considered septic material, so if you’re spraying near them or picking them up yourself, always wear rubber or plastic gloves that you can throw away afterward. Wear a mask, too, especially if you’re in a tight, confined space without airflow. Goggles are also an extra method of protection to keep mouse-dropping particles from getting into your eyes.

Then, saturate the area with disinfectant, which also helps keep the germs from getting into the air. After soaking the area, wait about 15 minutes and then start picking up the droppings with paper towels or a rag that you can throw away. Use your gloves during this part, too!

Then, wash whatever clothes you were wearing in hot water with disinfecting detergent and take a hot shower yourself.

Once the exterminators get to your home, show them the areas that you cleaned so that they can go over them with their professional cleaning equipment, too. No measure is too much to ensure a safe, clean home for you and your family. Chicago’s Mice Mob Exterminators can help you.

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