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What You Need to Know About Mice

Mice often get into homes and start to become a problem before too long. If you see one mouse, you likely have quite a few of them running around causing all sorts of problems. They chew wires, spread disease, can bite pets and children, and more. If you have mice, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Below are some important facts about mice that you should know.

What Are the Common Signs of a Mouse Problem?

Other than seeing a mouse, certain telltale signs indicate you have a rodent problem. This includes seeing chewed holes through stored food items, such as cereal. Piles of shredded paper and insulation can be signs that they are building nests in your home.

Other signs include droppings, tracks in the dust, musty odors, and even urine trails, which can be seen with a blacklight. You might also hear the sound of scratching as they through the walls, the ceiling, or below the floor.

What Do Mice Like to Eat?

Mice will eat just about anything if they find it. However, they do have some preferences. They tend to like plants and cereal grains. They get into bags and boxes of cereal, pet foods, dried fruit, etc. If you have these types of items in your kitchen and pantry, you should put them into glass containers rather than bags or boxes to help keep them safe and to ensure the mice don’t have a constant food source.

How Long Do Mice Live?

A field mouse that lives outside has a short lifespan. They will typically only live for about a year or so. They have to contend with predators, finding food and water, and the weather. However, when mice get into your home, they can live for three years or more because of the safety it provides them.

How Fast Do Mice Breed?

Mice breed quickly. In one year, a mouse could have up to 10 litters. Each of those litters could have up to six babies. The young mice can start breeding at six weeks. This means you could have an infestation of mice quickly.

These are some of the most important things that you will need to know about mice. If you find that you have mice in your home, simple traps often aren’t enough to catch all of them. Even if the mice are not damaging your home, call the experts here at Mice Mob Exterminators to find out how we can help you.

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