Mice Infestation

Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Mouse Infestation

Mice love your house almost as much as you do. This is why they will do whatever they can to get inside. They want to be where it’s nice and warm. Having a safe place that has readily available food is what they want. However, these uninvited guests also bring with them a host of problems. If you don’t have a mouse problem yet, you are fortunate. You want to keep it that way and the tips below can help to ensure mice don’t get into your home.

Seal the Home

First, you want to walk around the house and look for any gaps or holes that could be used by mice to get inside. Even small holes that you wouldn’t imagine would accommodate a mouse need to be sealed. They can get into extremely tight spaces. Check the garage, attic, around the foundation of the home, the cellar, etc. Look for any areas where they could get inside and seal them.

Remove Food Sources

One of the main reasons that mice will come into your home and take up residence is that they want easy access to food. You need to make sure they don’t have it. This means keeping things like pet food, cereal, bread, and other food items safe from the mice. Put them into other containers rather than just keeping them in bags and boxes. Mice will chew through boxes to get at the food, which they can still smell. Using glass containers is a good idea.

Use Mint

Interestingly, mice do not like the scent of mint. You can plant some mint around the outside of your house, which can help to keep them away. You should also get some peppermint oil that you can rub on areas of the home that could be more prone to an invasion of mice. They will turn tail and take off when they smell the mint.

When you use these simple preventative tips, you can help to greatly reduce the risk of having mice in your home. Of course, some persistent ones might still find their way inside. If you notice signs of mice in your home, make sure that you take care of the problem right away. The best option is to contact Mice Mob Exterminators to handle it for you. They can even help with other preventative measures to stop another infestation from happening.

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