Though mice tend to eat seeds, plants, and the occasional bug, they are also known as “opportunistic omnivores,” as seen in the short video. Mouse proofing your yard and house is the best way to avoid a house mice infestation near Chicago. Part of mouse proofing your property means eliminating various sources of food that wild mice may choose to eat.

The term “opportunistic omnivore” means that an animal will eat almost anything. Mice are no exception, and this trait often leads to signs of a mice infestation. Tears and holes in your pantry foods could be a sign of mice eating your cereals, flour, and crackers. Keep these items sealed in airtight, plastic containers. Holes in cardboard boxes and tears in linens can also be a sign of mice; store items in hard plastic containers, and call for professional mice extermination to get rid of all signs of mice in your house.

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