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4 Reasons To Avoid Snap-Traps

The snap-trap. Nothing to it. Just load it up with cheese or peanut butter and wait for swift and sure retribution. One wrong step, and bam! A mouse is quickly eliminated. What could possibly go wrong?

1. Pet’s Paws

If there is even the slightest chance your pet could somehow get at a snap trap – and there’s plenty of motivation with the cheese or peanut butter – that one wrong step means a trip to the vet and a badly injured companion. How powerful is a snap-trap? Well, a rat trap can break your finger. Snap-traps close with a clamping and impact force that is intended to break the spine or crush the skull of a rodent. Your pet’s paws don’t stand a chance.

2. One At A Time

Snap-traps are a very inefficient way to kill a rodent population. They only kill one animal at a time, then they must be emptied, baited, reset, and placed back into the desired location. For. Every. Single. Mouse. There’s an awful lot of management and time that goes into using snap-traps. Meanwhile, your mouse population is still growing at its normal, rapid rate. Can you keep up with the population explosion? Do you even want to try?

3. Free Snacks

It’s not uncommon for mice to successfully steal bait without activating a trap. You’ve essentially set up a dangerous buffet for them. Sure, you might kill some of them, but the lucky or skillful ones will simply enjoy your tasty spread.

4. Collateral Damage

If you’re setting your snap-traps in a garage, shed, workshop, or other outbuildings, there are a number of perfectly harmless animals that may be accidentally killed or maimed. Any neighborhood pet can easily set one off. So can feral cats or other non-invasive wildlife. If one of your traps injures a neighbor’s pet, out for its evening stroll, that’s going to be a very awkward conversation.

Snap traps represent the least efficient, most violent way to handle a mouse problem. They also require a tremendous time commitment. Why not have your mouse situation handled professionally, quickly, and neatly?  When you call Mice Mob Exterminators, your mouse situation will be eliminated without the fuss of snap-traps and their associated dangers.

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