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How Your Kids And Pets Face Danger When You Leave Poison Out For Mice

Maybe you’re thinking about getting some mouse poison from the hardware store. You’ll just put it all around the areas where you see mouse activity. That mouse is as good as dead, thanks to your hardware store poison.

Poison Is Poisonous

There are two main components of rodent poison – anticoagulants and desiccants. The use of these highly dangerous compounds is strictly regulated by the EPA.

An anticoagulant, as its name suggests, prevents blood from coagulating, and more specifically, it induces spontaneous internal bleeding. Rodent poison also contains a desiccant, which mummifies the dead mouse, to prevent a smell. Desiccation is a drying action, and in the case of desiccant poison, severe and lethal dehydration. Maybe you’ve noticed the desiccant silica gel packets used in product boxes, especially for consumer electronics, such as phones. These low-level desiccants are made to keep the electronics nice and dry.

But The Bug Spray Is Safe…

Killing insects involves a very low dose of poison, and one which is specifically engineered for insect/arachnid life. When we are talking about killing mice, we are talking about mammals, and we humans, plus our canine and feline pets, are not nearly as far removed from mice as we are from spiders. Even if children or pets were interested in the residue of bug spray (they’re not, really), the amount they would have to ingest in order to do any damage would be enormous.

The danger level to children and pets that comes from rodent poison should be clearly obvious. Remember, mouse poison is referred to as “bait,” and if it smells interesting to a mouse, it also smells interesting to a dog or cat. Does it also smell or look interesting to a toddler? Toddlers and infants put everything in their mouths – it’s how they explore new things. So, yes, it does smell or look interesting.

Professional Application

Mice Mob Exterminators are completely qualified experts in the handling and application of mouse poison. We observe all of the EPA guidelines, and take steps to insure that all dangerous materials are placed only in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets. And our professional extermination service can actually cost less that that hardware store poison you were thinking about using yourself.

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