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Professional Mice Removal Can Cost You Less Than DIY Options

There is more to successfully treating an infestation of mice than exterminating the mice in the home. The structural damage and health risks that mice cause do not dissipate by simply killing or removing the mice. And mice are surprisingly intelligent and resilient, allowing them to build resistances to poisons and outsmart traps and similar mechanisms. Because of the limitations of do-it-yourself pest removal products, hiring a professional, certified mouse removal service can be less expensive over time than buying do-it-yourself solutions repeatedly.

DIY Products Treat Only Part of the Problem

DIY pest control measures focus on killing pests. However, the structural damage that mice cause remains after they have been exterminated or removed. Unless homeowners hire contractors to repair their property or perform the repairs themselves, another swarm of mice can swiftly enter the home through the cracks and holes that the previous mice infestation left behind. In addition to the cost of more DIY products, each mice infestation will cause more structural damage, leading to a higher repair bill. Certified professional pest removal services, however, will perform comprehensive services that not only exterminate the current mice infestation, but also implement measures and repairs to prevent additional infestations in the future.

DIY Products Offer Fewer Guarantees – If Any

One sign of a high-quality professional pest removal service is a guarantee of their work with no loopholes. Guarantees of this nature display proof and pride in the professionals’ work. They also provide powerful incentive for professionals to do their work correctly the first time, as guarantee-backed follow-up work does not lead to additional revenue for the pest-control service. This is in stark contrast to DIY products, which require users to buy their products repeatedly to treat each new infestation.

Mice Mob Exterminators prides itself on delivering high-quality, comprehensive mice removal services in Chicagoland. Our approach includes thorough inspections, disinfecting infested homes, and sealing entryways that mice use to enter homes. We offer free estimates, online specials, complimentary one-year guarantees, and options to purchase multi-year and lifetime guarantees. And we can be reached by email at or by calling (847) 744-9990.

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