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Other Animals That Tend to Come In When Mice Make Your Home Their Home

An infestation of mice brings with multiple problems, including structural damage and health hazards associated with mice droppings and urine. An indirect negative consequence of mice infestations is that they attract a variety of predators that will further exacerbate damage to the home and health risks to the home’s residents. Large predators or aggressive predators can also directly attack humans, putting residents at further risk. Professional mice removal services can prevent homes from being overrun by a swarm of hungry pests.


House cats are an ages-old natural defense against mice. However, a mice infestation can attract wild cats including lynx and bobcats. Though large cat-like predators are not common in suburban environments, it is a fact that lions, tigers, and jaguars eat mice as well. Wild cats introduce additional risks to homes, including more exposure to diseases and direct attacks from more aggressive predators.


House dogs can be trained to hunt and eat mice. However, wild canids – such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, dingos, and jackals – eat mice as well. These wild predators can damage homes and residents, as well as expose residents to further diseases, if they invade a home in search for food.


Birds of prey – including eagles, hawks, owls, heron, blue jays, and crows – hunt and eat mice as part of a major staple of their diets. Although some farm owners may consider barn owls as welcome additions to their property, birds of prey are less useful in suburban settings. Their nests, droppings, noises, and varying degrees of structural damage can wreak havoc on households.


Snakes act as a natural population control for mice. However, a venomous snake invading a home can have lethal consequences, especially when a bite victim cannot or does not receive emergency medical care immediately after a bite.

Mice Mob Exterminators offers comprehensive and long-lasting mice control services in Chicagoland. If you suspect that your house has a mice infestation, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide free online estimates as well as online specials. We can also be reached by email at micemobexterminators@gmail.com or by calling (847) 744-9990.

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