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Mice Are Looking for a Warm Place to Spend the Winter, Is it Your Home?

As you glance at the weather on your phone day after day, you may have noticed the temperatures are dropping. That’s because of the fact that a little season that we like to call winter is rapidly approaching.

Hopefully, temperatures are the only kind of droppings that you have noticed lately. Because if you are seeing them in your kitchen or other areas of your home, you may already have unwanted winter guests. We’re talking about mice. And this is the time of year where they are looking for a new place to call home while they ride out the cold months.

Common Seasonal Rodent Behavior

Mice can live outdoors most of the warmer months and do so in various nesting areas. However, once the weather begins to cool in the fall, they begin to search for a place to hunker down. More specific information about their winter seasonal activities can be found here.

The Need for Warmth, Shelter and Food

Regardless of what exactly mice do or don’t do this time of year, the reasons they do it are simple. Like any other living creature, they need to eat, stay safe and keep warm. A home provides all of those things and much more to a rodent intruder.

Typical Places Mice Reside in a Home

As previously mentioned, if you are seeing mouse droppings in your home then you clearly already have a problem. Although, if they are residing in the basement or attic (both common places) you may not see waste for awhile. If you have gnawed marks outside your home or hear scratching at night, chances are they’ve already tried to enter.

Common areas they may hide, in addition to what we’ve already mentioned are inside walls, in the backs of pantries and cupboards, as well as closets.

Don’t let your home become the mice motel during this winter season. Get in touch with the pest control professionals here at Mice Mob Exterminators. Whether you just need a simple inspection, a full blown removal service or anything in between, we have you covered.

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