A house mice infestation can cause serious damage to your home and put you at risk for dangerous health problems. It’s important to mouse proof your home, and recognize the signs of a mice infestation so that you can contact a mice exterminator in Chicago, IL as soon as possible. House mice breed rapidly, and if you see one mouse in the house, there are likely many more hiding out of sight.

A female house mouse can give birth to six babies every three weeks, or up to 35 per year. House mice like to build their nests in dark, secluded areas, such as closets, walls, furniture, cabinets, and crawlspaces. They will chew through soft materials in your home like insulation, bedding, clothing, and stuffed animals to get materials to build their nest. They are also very good climbers, and can jump up to a foot in the air.

The urine and droppings of house mice can harbor dangerous diseases, parasites, and bacteria that can be transmitted to humans. If droppings or mouse fur become airborne, they can contribute to serious respiratory problems. Mice can also transport fleas, ticks, mites, and lice into your home.

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