A house mice infestation may not always be easy to detect; mice are nocturnal and difficult to spot. However, there are a few signs that can help you spot these elusive rodents. Tears in food bags, cereal boxes, upholstery, and linens are some of the clearest signs that a mouse is in the house. Mice will also leave behind their droppings and urine. Identifying this clear sign of mice in your Chicago home is necessary to avert potential disease and damageto your property.

Mouse droppings are very small—usually ¼ inch long and 1/16 inch around. These droppings will look similar to rice in shape, and they may even be the same color of brown rice if they are older droppings. Fresh droppings are almost black in color and can appear in small bunches or piles. One mouse can leave between 50 and 75 droppings a day, so a mice infestation will mean there are potentially hundreds or thousands of droppings around the house. Mouse droppings do not have a strong smell, which make them hard to find. They may also carry diseases that can contaminate human and pet food, so it is very important to call a mouse exterminator if mouse droppings are located.

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