The best way to deal with house mice in Chicago, IL is to never give them to chance to become house mice in the first place. With the proper mice prevention techniques, you may never have to deal with a mice infestation. Keep reading to learn about a few key tips for mouse proofing your house.

Mice have an amazing ability to fit into the tiniest holes; anywhere their skulls can fit, the rest of their bodies can fit through as well. This means it is incredibly important to seal the perimeter of your home. Repair any holes or gaps you may come across, add door sweeps to your exterior doors, and use glass rather than screens in your windows and doors whenever possible. When it comes to filling holes, opt for copper wool rather than caulk or foam; this makes for successful mice prevention because they cannot chew through the copper wool. Always keep your food stored properly in airtight containers and do not leave scraps out around the house. Take out your garbage regularly so that there is no food source available for your unwanted guests.

Just like you should not leave your garbage in your kitchen for an extended period of time, you should also refrain from using even slightly torn garbage bags or keeping your bags in garbage cans that do not have lids. Accessible garbage cans are perfect for mice because it offers them all of the food and shelter that they need. It is also a good idea to clean up your shed or garage; these areas can also make for great homes for mice. Start your outdoor mouse proofing by removing clutter from your garage, shed, yard, or even driveway.

Calling a Professional
While catching and killing mice is possible to do on your own, it is always a good idea to call a mice exterminator when you are in need of mice control. These professionals are trained to deal with mice infestations, exterminations, and removal safely and efficiently. Call a mice control professional at the first sign of infestation to achieve a mouse proof house again.

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