When most people think of the summer season, they think of ice cream and long days to enjoy. However, the summer time also holds dangers to your home that you should be aware of. One potentially serious problem that can increase during the summer months is house mice infestation. Here is what you need to know to protect your home from unwanted visitors this season.

Mice on the Move
You aren’t the only one feeling the heat of the season. During summer months, mice typically leave their winter homes and look for cooler spots to rest. You may begin to notice more mouse activity in dark corners of your cool basement or even outside in shady spots around your house. Look for more than just droppings to know if you have an infestation issue. SIgns of chewing or gnawing can also be a telltale sign that a mouse is in your home.

Protect the Outside of Your Home
When mice leave their cozy winter homes in search of cooler temperatures, they often find themselves setting up camp outside your home. Mice can find relief in shady spots near the foundation of your home or even in your garden mulch beds. While it is a relief that the mice are outside of your home, they are too close to your house for comfort, especially when temperatures begin to drop in the fall.

Check Hot Spots
Finally, while the mice are moving to cooler temperatures during the summer months, use this time to determine if you have problem areas for the upcoming winter. Head to your attic, now too hot for mice to survive, and look for droppings or signs of chewing. You don’t want the mice to return to this spot when autumn temperatures arrive.

If you are having problems with mice in your home or in your yard, give the experienced team at Mice Mob Exterminators a call. We can determine if you have a problem and give you a detailed plan of eliminating it. Let’s get started today to assure your house is safe from mice in any season.

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