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Benefits of Renewing Your Maintenance Guarantee

If you have ever had a mouse in your home, you know the general chaos it can cause. Every small sound makes you wonder if the mouse is back. You spend your time throwing out potentially contaminated food from your kitchen. You scour every surface and deep clean your house multiple times. A mouse in the house is never a good experience.

However, after you have called an exterminator and gotten rid of the mouse, you cannot necessarily relax. For us at Mice Mob Exterminators, we know that once a mouse has gotten into your home, you are at risk for another mouse finding its way in again. When you work with us, our team is dedicated to assuring your mouse problem is taken care of forever. Our services come with our extermination guarantee. We assure our services bring success and keep your space rodent free for at least one year.

One year is guaranteed with our services, but we don’t want your home to become a house to other rodents after 365 days. Your extermination guarantee is renewable, and for a small investment you can assure your rodent problem is permanent.

We love that our customers can enjoy peace of mind that their home or business will be rodent free forever. Our extermination guarantee demonstrates our commitment to extermination, correct follow up, and preventative measures. We know that it takes all three approaches to allow our clients to rest easy and know their home is safe from potentially dangerous diseases spread by rodents.

When you choose to renew your extermination guarantee each year, you are choosing to have one less thing to worry about. Our experienced team will guide your services and take care of any rodent problem before it begins. If you have worked with us in the past year, give our office a call to find out when your extermination guarantee expires. Then, invest in the next year by renewing your guarantee.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, now is the perfect time to begin. Our experienced team of exterminators is ready to assess your home with a free consultation and provide services to keep rodents far from your home. Give us a call today to get started on your prevention and extermination plan.

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