At Mice Mob Exterminators, we see a variety of residential and commercial clients who are living with the potential of mice infestation. Having a mouse – or many more – in your home or business is not only annoying, it can also be a serious health hazard. Did you know that having a mouse in your home or business can actually make you or your family ill?

When you hear about the bacteria salmonella, you likely think of picnics with potato salad that has been left out too long in the sun. You are partially correct – most salmonella cases are caused by food and cause fever, abdominal cramping, and gastrointestinal distress. However, mice can also increase the spread of the bacteria, especially if they are running throughout your kitchen or food preparation area.

With mice come mice droppings, and with mouse droppings comes disease. Hantavirus is a serious disease that affects humans, and is caused by contamination due to mouse droppings. Symptoms can include chills and fever, along with cough and headache. Medical treatment is required, but prevention by eliminating mouse contact is crucial to avoid getting ill in the first place.

Yersinia Pestis
Better known as the Plague that got an awful reputation during England’s Middle Ages, this disease is still around. While it may not be as common as it once was, thanks to proper extermination and rodent control, Yersinia Pestis can still be transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected rodent. Symptoms include fever and a cough that can quickly turn into pneumonia.

In order to keep your family safe from these rodent-carried diseases, be vigilant to reduce mice activity in and around your home or business. Work with the experienced team at Mice Mob Exterminators; we are ready to give you a plan that will keep your home safe and healthy. Call us today to get started!

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