You have seen the tell-tale signs of a visiting mouse: the droppings, the gnaw marks, the scratching sounds. Now that you know you have a mouse in your house, what do you do next? It is imperative that you take the right steps to eliminate your mouse problem before things accelerate quickly and you end up with a major infestation.

Keep your home mouse-free with these steps, straight from the experts at Mice Mob Exterminators.

Revisit Your Food Storage
Mice come into homes looking for warmth, protection, and food. Eliminate their access to food sources by reviewing your pantry and cabinet situation. Assure you are keeping counters clean and crumb-free, as well as storing your dry goods in glass or air-tight containers.

Clean Up
Mouse droppings can be the source of bacteria and viruses that can make your household prone to illness. Once you know you have a mouse problem in your home, up your cleaning game to assure you are keeping everyone safe. Use bleach and water to wipe up the inside of drawers and the shelves of your pantry often, and even after you take care of the mouse problem.

Call the experts
One mouse in your house can quickly turn into an infestation situation. In fact, you may already be housing more than one mouse without even knowing it yet. To be sure you eliminate the mouse problem in, and around, your home, call in the experts at Mice Mob Exterminators.

We know the best ways to get rid of mice, and how to keep them away. You will love how our treatments are effective, and how our friendly team members leave your home clean. You, your family, and your home, are in good hands when you choose to work with Mice Mob Exterminators.

Let’s get started sooner than later.

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