Getting to Know Some Mouse Extermination Techniques

No one wants to share a home with mice. Unfortunately, house mice infestations occur in homes all over the United States. Mice droppings can contaminate your space with disease-causing bacteria, making your home a possible health hazard. However, getting a mouse-proof house in Chicago, IL, does not need to be a headache. Working with professionals who know mouse extermination techniques can rid your home of these pests. Here are some mouse extermination techniques that a professional may use.

Setting Traps

Mouse traps have long been an accepted form of mice control. If you only have a couple mice in your home or office building, this is a great way to catch them. If you have more than a few mice, an exterminator may be necessary to remove your mouse infestation. Setting traps for multiple mice is possible, but it is also important to keep traps away from small children and pets. The goal is to catch mice, not harm your loved ones.

Noise Devices

Mice are skittish and easily scared by noises they are unfamiliar with. Ultrasonic sound devices cannot be heard by humans, but are heard by mice. Noise devices can help to scare mice away from your home or office.

Entrance Elimination

An exterminator in your area will first scout and block any entrances a mouse may fit into to enter your home. Any opening that is large enough for a mouse to squeeze through should be sealed, not plugged. Plugged entrances will only delay mice from entering your home, not eliminate their access. The exterminator will check your home’s foundation, pipes, screens, and other entrance access points to be sure no mouse can enter your family’s space.

Poisonous Baits

Poisonous baits should only be used if traps and blocked entrances are not working. Most baits consisting poison require mice to be exposed to the poison multiple times. If you need to control mice in your home with poisonous bait, it is best to work with an exterminator who is familiar with the necessary safety precautions. A professional will place the traps or baits where the mice are located. Properly placing bait is important for a successful mice extermination to occur and should be performed by a specialist.

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