What Attracts Mice the Most?

Mice are a major problem. They might look like little balls of fluff, but they are going to cause serious issues in your home. Mice bring health issues, and germs and they chew through wood, wire, and the food you have in your cabinets. Below, you will learn more about the biggest attractants for mice in your home.


Mice love grains, such as oat and wheat. They also love sweets, butter, and bacon, just like the rest of us. What you need to do is make sure you don’t leave any foods where the mice can smell or access them. Keep items in glass or plastic airtight containers. Clean the crumbs out of the pantry. Store other foods in the fridge. Making it hard for them to get food.


Of course, water is also a major attractant. Even though they can find water outside, it’s a lot easier and safer for them to get from inside of your home. If you have leaks or drips, fix them. If you have pets with bowls of water, put them away at night.


Mice also like insulation. They will make their burrows and homes in pink fiberglass insulation in the walls, attic, and basement. They feel nice and safe in those locations, and they come out at night to scour your home for the things they need… and to urinate and defecate all over everything you own.

You need to figure out how the mice are getting into the walls and shore up those areas. Sometimes, these spaces are hard to find, so you will need professionals to help you.

These are some of the things that tend to attract mice to a property. You will also find that if you have bushes and trees too close to the house, or if there is junk and litter inside or outside of the home, the mice are going to like spending time there. They will find a way to get into your house and make themselves at home.

Contact the Exterminators

Now that you have a better idea of the things that could be drawing the mice to your home, you need to remove those enticements. You also need to get in touch with Mice Mob exterminators. They can take care of removing the mice from your property, keeping your property safe in the future, and even disinfecting after the mice have been removed.

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