With the onset of cooler weather comes a shift in the behavior of your neighborhood wild predators. Summer weather largely keeps these animals where they prefer to be – away from humans. Given a choice, they would rather not have to run and hide from us, since we represent a threat. So, they keep away from our homes, mostly.

What’s For Dinner?

With the cooler Fall weather, prey gets a little harder to locate out in the wild. And when we say, “in the wild,” we mean in your streets and alleyways, your back yard, and the nearby parking lot. As smaller animals hunker down for the colder season, and food-bearing shrubs, vines, and trees no longer supply anything useful, predators can turn to your living area as a primary source of food. There may not be anything left on the blackberry vines or juniper bushes, but your trash cans will always hold something. And as smaller pests such as mice are looking for a warm place to spend the winter, they are also looking for a more reliable food source.

I’m Not A Predator, I’m A Scavenger!

Predators, by definition, are animals which prey upon other, usually smaller animals. For example, wolves hunt mice. Given a choice, a wolf would rather bring down a deer, but if you don’t happen to have deer roaming through your yard, a mouse will do. So, maybe the mice that scurry around your unsecured trash cans prefer grains and nuts, and eat your food scraps. Maybe they scavenge, rather than hunt. But they will absolutely attract predators.

The Usual Suspects

Feral neighborhood cats. Raccoons. Opossums. If your setting is rural enough, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions… all these predators can and will be attracted to pockets of scavenging, smaller animals. Every year, in every urban setting, there are incidents of larger predators moving closer to civilization when cold weather sets in. Some towns even get bears.

Mice Mob Exterminators recommends that you secure your trash containers and eliminate whatever food sources you can, in order to minimize the encroachment of predatory animals. We are always here for you, to eliminate any infestation problems you might have. But you can be proactive as well, by removing any casual food sources.

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