Mice activity tends to go through some changes once the fall season hits. There is one major thing that these rodents are trying to accomplish once the leaves start changing colors and the temperatures begin to drop, and that is staying warm.

Avoiding the Coming Winter

This is the main goal of any individual or pack of mice this time of year. Get somewhere to survive and stay safe through the coming difficult months. After that, life will return to normal. Typically, they enter in early autumn, and plan to stay until springtime. Their strategy to steer clear of the harsh elements is made up of three specific tasks.

Residential Search

Mice will be looking for a way into a structure or building where they can stay safe and warm, as well as to hide from predators. They do not hibernate so they will spend these months looking for food and staying active and warm. The best way to keep them out of your home is to make sure that all the possible gaps, cracks, and holes along your property are identified and sealed.

Food Source

Mice will need to eat during this period. One of the things mice will need to have nearby their residence is a food source. Now, for mice who must hunker down outdoors, that might be somewhere nearby, but a little way away from where they are nesting. When it comes to an invasion in your home, they will usually nest in the walls, basements, attics, as well as crawlspaces, cupboards, and pantries. This means that their nearby food source will be your kitchen and trash. Keeping them out of your home is the first step. After that, keep a tight lid on your trash cans and don’t leave pet food outdoors overnight.

Place to Breed in Spring

Lastly, not only are mice looking for shelter and a food source this time of the year, but they are also thinking about a suitable place to breed, give birth, and nurse, as well. While their outdoor shelters usually don’t double in this capacity, it sure does for the ones who find their way into a warm, comfortable home.

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